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League Table 2019-20


Round 4 of the bi-monthly print competition has been cancelled (Covid-19) and the overall winners for 2019-20 will be according to the results of rounds 1-3.

Round 1Round 2Round 3TOTAL
Mike Martin28919
Barry Mead91212
David Alderson1528
Mike Hall5218
Kevin James257
Sadie Cox426
Steve Field426
Gerry Gill336
Derwood Pamphilon325
Mike Bews224
Carole Brown134
Ralph Snook314
Keith Wood224
Mike Bigger213
Jason Eastham213
Ashwin Chauhan112
Alan Jones112
Jeff Hargreaves22
Joanne Searle112
Pete Howell11
Kevin Poole11
Glynnys Poole11911
Suzanne Johnson5117
Matt de-Beger336
Vicky Harrison145
Howard Thomas415
Joe Jancar224
Joan Symes314
Peter Humby11
Sean D’Rozario7916
Lance Allen415
Katja Fisch33


Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TOTAL
Graham Pears41+11+1+14+215
Barry Mead14+11+13+112
Andrew Wood1324+111
Steve Field4+11+1+11+110
Jeff Hargreaves1+14+1310
Mary Pears1+12+11+11+19
Ralph Snook12+12+118
John Hudson13419
Richard Kay1+112+1+17
Joanne Searle2+111+16
Keith Wood3+1116
Carole Brown415
Mike Martin1+111+15
Steve Taylor3115
David Alderson1+1114
Jason Eastham134
Gerry Gill11+13
Derwood Pamphilon1+1114
Sadie Cox33
Kevin Poole1+113
Ashwin Chauhan22
Beryl Heaton112
Gordon Stirrat1+12
Bruce Gibbs11
Rob Gillet11
Alan Jones11
Alan Searle11
Glynnys Poole1+1+11+14+23+1+116
Nigel Owen4+11+17
Andrew Jones4+1+16
Joe Jancar1+12+15
Derek Ripper235
Matt de-Beger33
Paul Moran33
Howard Thomas2+13
Suzanne Johnson1+12
Peter Holbrook11
Mick Jupp11
Nick Snell12+14+3+112
Katja Fisch441+110
Jenny Morris3317
Andy Tandy13+15
Karena Lewis44
Mary Avenin213
Lance Allen22
Gary Clements22

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