Special Interest Groups

Digital Image Group

This group meets with the intention of providing contact, mutual support and the exchange of ideas for those interested in digital techniques in photography. The group is open to all members of the Society. The meetings will be generally of an informal nature and consist partly of contributions of a technical nature and partly of presentations by members of the group.

It is intended that the technical contribution at each meeting will focus on one or more topics from the list of general headings below, which will promote the understanding of the tools and their use for creative photography.

  • Digital Equipment
  • Hardware and Software Management
  • Scanning
  • Basic Photoshop Techniques and Tools
  • Image Manipulation
  • Printing
  • Creative Techniques using Photoshop

The meetings are held in the clubroom on one Monday each month on the dates listed in the programme. For further information please contact the Chairman of the group Ashwin. 

Studio Group

The intention of this group is to provide a varied programme of events and activities to encourage members to take and share photographs, both in the studio and outside. The programme will include portrait, figure, still-life sessions and occasional location events.

The detailed programme is not yet available, but each event will be advertised on the clubroom notice board and announced at the Wednesday meetings at least two weeks in advance, together with any requirements for pre-booking. The group is open to all club members and its activities will cater for workers at all levels. It will not be competitive but our members are encouraged to share their interests and talents as well as their results.

The programme must reflect the needs and interests of the members of the group; so please come to us with any proposals or ideas for any of the sessions. Details of studio usage are in the Members’ Area of this website. For further information contact Nick

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