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Studio Bookings Terms and Conditions

Rules for use of studio by BPS members / non-membersThe Society’s premises at Unit 13 Montpelier Central, Station Road, Bristol, BS6 5EE (the studio) may be hired as a studio for photographic purposes subject to the following provisions:

  1. Studio use must be booked in advance with the Studio Manager and will be subject to the premises being available.
  2. Bookings shall not be confirmed until the hirer has signed a copy (or returned an electronic copy) of these Rules, acknowledging that their use is strictly governed by them.
  3. All sessions will be supervised by the Studio Manager or other delegated person, unless at the Studio Manager’s discretion, this requirement is waived. (Keys to the studio are held by Council members and must be returned as soon as feasible after the session, if applicable).
  4. The hirer is entitled to use the studio lights and other photographic equipment at the studio and is responsible for keeping it in a good condition. Any damage or loss must be reported at the end of the session.
  5. The studio will not, under any circumstances, be used for commercial purposes* which include use for production of images to be used by the photographer / model / brand in connection with any business whether carried on by themselves or another, without the payment of a commercial fee; if there is any doubt regarding whether the intended use may be considered as commercial or not, please contact the Studio Manager.
  6. The Studio space may not be used for any immoral or illegal purposes.
  7. If the hirer is accompanied by another person or persons (a third party) then:
    1. Any third party must be over the age of 18, or if under the age of 18 and over the age of 16 accompanied by a responsible adult (other than the hirer if not a family member) who is over the age of 18.
      If a third party is under the age of 16 then they must be accompanied by their parent/guardian or a person over the age of 18 who has written authority from their parent/guardian to accompany that third party to the studio.
    2. The attention of all third parties must at the beginning of the session be drawn to the Fire Regulations set out in the clubroom manual.[location?]
    3. The hirer is and will remain exclusively responsible for the actions of all third parties.
  8. The hirer will pay the Society a fee per session (fixed by the Council from time to time) as a contribution towards the running costs and upkeep of the studio equipment, the fee to be paid prior to the booking being confirmed.
  9. The hirer indemnifies the Society against all claims that may arise from their use of the studio.
  10. Any breach of these rules by the hirer or any third-party attendee may lead to the withdrawal of permission, permanent or temporary to use the studio. The decision to withdraw permission sits with the Studio Manager.For members, appeals against this decision may be made to the full Council. No sessions may be booked during any such appeal process.

* Commercial use is defined as any purpose where one or more attendees are being charged a fee to attend, for example, workshops or where there is a client paying for the output of the session or where the photographs are being used in connection with any business, whether owned by themselves or any third party.

For the avoidance of doubt, a model charging a photographer for their time where the images are intended for personal use only (individual projects, display on personal social media, portfolios, or entered in exhibitions or competitions) would not be considered as Commercial use.
If the images are used to promote goods / brands / products or services, or use on commercial revenue earning sites, that would be considered as being Commercial usage.
Ruling as to what constitutes personal or commercial use is at the sole discretion of the Studio Manager whose decision is final.

Members only

  1. If at the Studio Manager’s discretion members are permitted to use the studio un-supervised, The member is exclusively responsible for the safe keeping of the keys and for securing the studio at the conclusion of each session in accordance with the provisions of the clubroom manual.

I confirm that I have read and understood and will abide by the above rules for studio use.

Signature:                                                                                        Date:

Print name:

For information concerning the use of the studio, please contact the Studio Manager at

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