Bristol Photographic Society

Roll of Honour

These Members have achieved Distinctions for their excellent photographic image.


MonthAward & Name
May AFIAP Peter Brisley
May AFIAP Steve Field
May AFIAP David Alderson
May EFIAP Jeff Hargreaves
May EFIAP/d3 Barry Mead
May EFIAP/g Ann Mead
May EFIAP/d1 Sue O'Connell
Mar BPE2* Peter Brisley


MonthAward & Name
Dec LRPS Andrew Whettam
Nov DPAGB Mary Pears
Nov DPAGB Jeff Hargreaves
Oct ARPS Andrew Wood
Aug MPSA2 Greg Duncan
Aug BPE 1* Peter Brisley
Jun ARPS Richard Kay
May EFIAP Mike Bews
May EFIAP/d2 Barry Mead
May EFIAP/p Sue O'Connell
May EFIAP/p Keith Wood
Mar BPE 5* Sue O'Connell
Feb SPSA John Hudson
Feb SPSA Greg Duncan
Feb GMPSA Val Duncan


Award & Name
LRPS David Alderson
LRPS Gerry Gill
EFIAP/b Val Duncan
ASPS John Hudson
EFIAP/g Keith Wood
EFIAP/d1 Barry Mead
EFIAP/g Sue O'Connell
ARPS Derwood Pamphilon
DPAGB Peter Brisley
MPSA Greg Duncan


Award & Name
FBPE Val Duncan
ARPS John Hudson
FRPS Andrew Marker
BPSA Greg Duncan
EFIAP/s Sue O'Connell
EFIAP/b Greg Duncan
EFIAP Derwood Pamphilon
EFIAP Val Duncan
CPAGB/AV Greg Duncan
BPE 4* Sue O'Connell
DPAGB Derwood Pamphilon
LRPS Richard Kay
DPAGB Shaun Boycott-Taylor


Award & Name
DPAGB Shaun Boycott-Taylor
DPAGB John Hudson
MPSA Val Duncan
ABPE Val Duncan
AFIAP Derwood Pamphilon
EFIAP Greg Duncan
EFIAP/s Ann Mead
EFIAP/s Keith Wood
EFIAP/b Sue O'Connell
BPE 3* Greg Duncan


Award & Name
BPE 3* Sue O'Connell
BPE 5* Val Duncan
LRPS Mike Bigger
EPSA Greg Duncan
EFIAP Sue O'Connell
BPE 4* Val Duncan
LRPS Derwood Pamphilon


Award & Name
BPE 2* Sue O'Connell
CPAGB Mary Pears
DPAGB Sue O'Connell
BPE 1* Sue O'Connell
EPSA Val Duncan
ARPS Andrew Marker
PPSA Greg Duncan
EFIAP/p Barry Mead
EFIAP Ashwin Chauhan
EFIAP David Southwell
AFIAP Shaun Boycott-Taylor
AFIAP Greg Duncan
AFIAP Val Duncan
AFIAP Jeff Hargreaves
AFIAP Sue O'Connell
AFIAP Andrew Wood
PPSA Val Duncan
CPAGB Sue O'Connell
ARPS Beryl Heaton
PSA PID 4* Greg Duncan
BPE1* Greg Duncan
BPE2* Val Duncan


Award & Name
LRPS Andrew Wood
ARPS Neil McCoubrey
ARPS Nick Ball
EFIAP/g Barry Mead
EFIAP/b Ann Mead
EFIAP Beryl Heaton
EFIAP Danny Heaton
EFIAP Nick Ayers
EFIAP Patsy Southwell
AFIAP Ashwin Chauhan
AFIAP Mike Bews
AFIAP David Southwell
AFIAP Margaret Collis
DPAGB Greg Duncan


Award & Name
DPAGB Val Duncan
EFIAP Mike Salter
AFIAP Barbara Salter
AFIAP David Cooke
AFIAP Patsy Southwell
EFIAP/b Keith Wood
AFIAP Danny Heaton
AFIAP Beryl Heaton
AFIAP Nick Ayers
EFIAP/s Barry Mead
ARPS Mark Stinchcombe


Award & Name
CPAGB Danny Heaton
ARPS Sue O'Connell
ARPS Shaun Boycott-Taylor
ARPS Ron Harrison
AFIAP Mike Salter
EFIAP Keith Wood
EFIAP/b Barry Mead
EFIAP Ann Mead


Award & Name
ARPS Patsy Southwell
ARPS Peter Brisley


Award & Name
ARPS David Southwell
EFIAP Peter Smith
MPAGB Barry Mead
EFIAP Barry Mead
AFIAP Ann Mead
ARPS Anthea Golding
LRPS Shaun Boycott-Taylor
LRPS John Hudson


Award & Name
ARPS Chris Hirons
MFIAP John Chamberlin


Award & Name
ARPS Chris Hirons
LRPS Danny Heaton
LRPS Beryl Heaton
ARPS Nick Ayers

Many more were done before 2006 which is pre-website.