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PSA – Projected Digital Image (Round 1)

The Photographic Society of America is one of three established organisations governing the rules for international photographic competitions and exhibitions, globally.

In addition to providing patronage to hundreds of International Salons, awarding distinctions, etc, they also co-ordinate a number of international club competitions.  These span both printed images and projected (digital) images across different categories.  Each competition is organised into three rounds with clubs submitting either 4 prints from different authors or 6 digital images from different authors.  These accrue points; the top two clubs gain promotion to the next tier whilst the bottom clubs are demoted (a bit like the football leagues, “A” being the top division).  Top images from each round are then re-judges in an end of year competition to decide the overall individual awards.

Bristol Photographic Society has participated in 5 separate print classes and 3 digital classes in each of the last three years, gaining promotion each time.

Print Classes:
– Large Colour – these are images printed on A3 paper
– Small Colour – these are printed on A4
– Large Monochrome – A3 as above
– Small Monochrome – A4 as above
– Creative / Altered Reality (this section allows your imagination to run wild; anything goes with the exception of AI image generation)

Digital Classes:
– Open Colour
– Open Monochrome
– Open Nature (there are very strict rules to be adhered to regarding animal welfare; human elements are banned (fences, buildings, etc) and you are not allowed to alter the image to enhance it.)

So how are we doing in the 2023-24 season after round 1?

Nature – Digital – Round 1 (Group A)
18th (out of 26) with 60 points – top club on 74 points.   

Individual awards:
– Margaret Chambers – HM for Lions interact after mating

Open Colour – Digital – Round 1 (Group D)
3rd (out of 24) with 60 points – top club on 70 points

Individual awards:
– Barry Mead – Merit for Alice
– Andrew Whettam – HM for The Bathing Pool

Alice by Barry Mead

 Open Mono – Digital – Round 1 (Group B) 
TOP with 75 points – next club on 73 points

Individual awards:
– Colin Dixon – Merit for Bobbi and her hat
– Derwood Pamphilon – Merit for At a stretch
– Sandie Cox – Merit for Three Zebras
– Barry Mead – HM for Enforcer
– Mike Hall – HM for A walk in the woods

Large Colour Prints
Equal 2nd * with 98 points (leader has 100) 

Individual awards:
– Jay Hallsworth – 2nd in with Asian Girl

Asian Girl by Jay Hallsworth

Large Mono Prints
Equal 3rd with 97 points (leader on 105)

Small Colour Prints
5th with 94 points (leader on 98)

Individual awards:
– Derwood Pamphilon – 3rd with Inverted Y

Inverted Y by Derwood Pamphilon

Small Mono Prints
6th with 95 points (leader on 100)

Creative / Altered Reality Prints
1st with 105 (next highest 98 points.

Individual Awards
– Barry Mead – 1st in Alice
– Mike Martin  – 2nd with Dancing with Fire

Dancing with Fire by Mike Martin

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