Uploading Content to Website

1. Content: Text

Text content can be within an email to webmaster@bristolphoto.org.uk and allowed to be as a word/pdf attachment and information in point 4 must also be included in this email.

NOTE; No Spell checks will be carried out so please ensure content is checked as content will be copied form email/document and pasted/inserted onto the website and no amendments will be made by myself.

2. Content: Event(s)

– Any events to be placed on the online calendar/list must be emailed over to webmaster@bristolphoto.org.uk and contain information mentioned in point 5.
– Please make contact with me if you wish to upload lots of events in one go and I will provide an excel document for you to complete.

3. Content: Image(s) / Document(s)

– All images and documents are to be sent via the below link and not via email. Please comply with the below requirements.
– On successful upload email webmaster@Bristolphoto.org.uk stating information in point 4.
– Images where possible all images are to be; 72dpi, 1600 pixels wide, 1200 pixels high, JPEG format and ideally no larger than 2MB in size
– Please name images with a number first (order of which images are to appear) then the image title followed by your name i.e. 01_Sunset_Bob Jones.jpeg
– If you are submitting images for galleries for example; members gallery – the max number of images per gallery is 16.
– Documents do not attach a size limit but ideally be as small as can be for both web hosting and users downloading.

Click here to open the portal to upload image(s) / Documents(s)

4. Information needed when emailing/notifying me of content

1) Name of the folder used to upload images/documents ** if uploaded images/files to me**.
2) When is the content to be live on the website.
3) When the content to be removed;  if no info supplied the content will remain online until it’s seen as out of date.
3) Where is the content to be placed within BPS Website.
4) Feature image? Some parts of the sites (Links, Members Links, Galleries, Posts, Events) allow a feature image – please state which image is to the feature image for the content.
5) If supplying images, please use naming method (Naming images with a number first (order of which images are to appear) then the image title followed by your name i.e. 01_Sunset_Bob Jones.jpeg ) if they are not named like this they will be placed at random.

NOTE; if relevant information is not supplied I will use my own judgment on when, where content to be posted etc.

5. Information needed when emailing/notifying me of Events;

1) Event Title
2) Event Description 
3) Event Start & End Date & Time (example 1 May 2019 19:30 – 21:30)
4) Location (Inc full address if not at BPS clubrooms – so google map element of the event works)
5) Organiser’s details  (Name/Website/Email) if external to BPS 
6) Event Website ** if applicable **
7) Cost of event  ** If applicable otherwise leave blank **
8) Feature image – Please upload via point 3.

6. Notice Period

At least 48hrs notice must be given to allow content to be created and upload to the website, some exceptions maybe allowed but will not be the norm. However the more notice given the better & much appreciated.

7. Links Checks

Content (posts, pages & Links)  will be checked every 6 months by myself  – if links invalid then will be deleted if no update from content owner.

8. Support for Users who can create/edit own post

Where access has been granted to set users to create/update own posts, you will be responsible for the content – there will be templates created for you to use but if help/guidance is needed please allow reasonable amount of notice and not leavening it until the 11th hour! You are still welcome to send image/content over to be uploaded on your behalf but still need information as outline in point 4.

9. Having problems or got any questions?

If you are having issues or have any questions, then please get in touch with me by emailing me at webmaster@Bristolphoto.org.uk

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