Print Results – Round 1 (2019-20)

 Print TitleAward
Sean D’RozarioWhat You Need To Buy A Property In Bristol1st
Katja FischCalming2nd
Sean D’RozarioLeaving The Nest3rd
Sean D’RozarioPope FrancisHC
Suzanne JohnsonLone Visitor, Tate Modern1st
Matt De-BegerEdoardo Affini – ToB Time Trial 20192nd
Joan SymesMuntjacs In The Corn3rd
Vicky HarrisonI Will Protect YouHC
Peter HumbyCaught In A TrapHC
Suzanne JohnsonHeathrow DeparturesHC
Glynnis PooleHidden PathHC
Joan SymesRiver Severn At PurtonHC
Barry MeadDead Tree, Mammoth1st
Sandie CoxWinter Landscape, Yellowstone2nd
Mike BiggerInch Strand 23rd
Ashwin ChauhanOn The BeachHC
Gerry GillA Frosty, Foggy MorningHC
Kevin JamesGrottoHC
Joanne SearleYorkshire CountrysideHC
Ralph SnookGeyser EruptionHC
Keith WoodTangle MistHC
Barry MeadMadame Magritte1st
Mike HallOsprey With Lunch2nd
Mike HallAmber3rd
Mike BewsLoving MinisHC
Mike BewsNot Again!HC
Richard KayAmerican White PelicanHC
Richard KayWhite Tailed Sea EagleHC
Mike MartinDakhari In BlackHC
Mike MartinGroundedHC
Ralph SnookLaughing Gull Looking For Pelican’s FishHC
Ralph SnookStalkingHC
David AldersonOld RailwaymanHC
Carole BrownIcelandic HouseHC
Sandie CoxGrey WolfHC
Pete HowellYeah, It Really Was That ColourHC
Kevin JamesBug In ParadiseHC
Barry MeadNegotiationHC
Keith WoodThe LeaderHC