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Who would have thought that a basic “Introduction to Photography” course would sow the dangerous seeds of a lifelong preoccupation? Since those early days Sue has photographed on five continents and in many remote places, enjoying (and winning awards in) a variety of genres including landscapes, wildlife, abstracts, photojournalism, and above all, people. As a keen “salonista” Sue has achieved EFIAP/d1, though she’s lost count of the number of international acceptances and awards this represents. In 2019 she gained a gold medal in the London Salon (with exhibitions in London, Edinburgh and Dublin) as well as being accepted in the prestigious PAGB Masters of Print exhibition. Her work has been exhibited in many other venues including the Royal Geographical Society, RPS House UK, and Photokino Germany. She has been awarded in “USA Landscape Photographer of the Year”, “National Geographic Traveller” and “Travel Photographer of the Year” (four times). Her work has also featured widely in the photographic press including Black and White Photography, Amateur Photographer and CanonFoto, Germany. Sue is a PAGB judge, member of the WCPF judge training team, and regular club lecturer.


Linda Wevill is a creative photographer specializing in the landscape, although she enjoys capturing a diverse range of images from still life to travel. She gained her Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2013 and serves on the Society’s Licentiate Distinction Panel. In May 2014 Linda gained her EFIAP Bronze distinction and has gained awards and medals in many international salons. Linda has had her work exhibited widely, both within the UK and internationally, including at the Royal Albert Hall, the National Theatre and the Oxo Gallery in London and at the Huangshan Yixian International Festival in China. She has had her images and articles published in numerous photographic magazines and other publications. Linda achieves a soft painterly effect in her photography and always aims to portray the essence of a place. She enjoys experimenting with techniques, whether in-camera or during processing, by varying shutter speeds at the time of shooting or using texture layers in Photoshop. Her aim is to express a personal depiction of her environment, to capture the atmosphere of the scene and the vision she is trying to convey.


Peter has been interested in photography from a very young age, starting with an old folding camera and moving through a variety of other cameras to become a digital enthusiast. His main current photographic interests are people (including portraiture), landscapes and natural history. He has travelled extensively in the pursuit of his pictures which have received many awards in many international exhibitions. Peter is an active member of the Bristol Photographic Society and is the immediate past President of the Society.


John has been a prolific photographer for nearly 40 years. He gained the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society in 1984 and the Fellowship the following year. Until December 2009 he was a member of the RPS. Travel Distinctions Panel and Chair of the Visual Art Panel. He has also served on the RPS Nature Panel. He was a member of the RPS. Distinctions Advisory Board and the Fellowship Board as  well as Chair of the Multimedia and Narrative Panel. In 2008 he was awarded the Fenton Medal and Honorary Membership of the RPS. for services to the Society. As well as belonging to the London Salon, he is a member of Arena and President of the Zoological Photo Club; membership of each is by invitation.

His images have been exhibited extensively in Britain and in various countries around the world gaining many awards and he has also acted as a selector at countless national and international exhibitions. His AFIAP and EFIAP were gained in the nineteen eighties and his MFIAP  in 2007.

He works mainly in colour with his current images being captured digitally. In his own work he is essentially a ‘photographer’, rather than a digital artist. He tries to get everything ‘right’ at the taking stage!! As well as pictorial and creative work and images taken on worldwide travels, he is an extremely active nature photographer with a particular love for Africa, a continent he has visited nearly thirty times.



Peter began his interest in photography as a teenager, but a visit to Smethwick International Exhibition in 1983 marked a turning point. He joined the prestigious Smethwick P.S. and began to enter FIAP approved International Exhibitions. Peter achieved AFIAP in 1987 and EFIAP in 1991. The pinnacle of his photographic career was gaining the highest FIAP distinction, MFIAP in 1993. He continued to build on his EFIAP distinction by achieving the EFIAP/bronze in 1995 and the EFIAP/silver in 1996. His EFIAP/gold distinction was obtained in 1997 and eventually the EFIAP/platinum in 2000.
Peter is a prolific international exhibitor, to FIAP approved internationals. To date, Peter has had 1117 different pieces of work accepted in prints and projected images. They have gained 2069 acceptances in 39 different countries. From those acceptances he has gained 233 awards.


A serious interest in photography occurred in the early 1960’s when Tom discovered the darkroom and related monochrome processing and printing, and eventually colour printing as well. Since then, national and international exhibition photography has provided a challenge, with the usual smattering of acceptances, and rejections. However, one of his greatest privileges was to be invited to select at salons and exhibitions on a fairly regular basis, and also to be asked to lecture to clubs and societies throughout the UK. What more of an accolade can that be! Some thirty years ago he was elected to membership of The London Salon of Photography and acted as Chair during 2008/2010. He has tried not to become too narrow in his approach to photography and if possible tries to photograph anything which appeals, although he does find many people associating his photography with the mountain landscape. In a related sphere, he has a continuing involvement with mountaineering and travel throughout the UK, Alps, Nepal and the Arctic. The ‘digital’ revolution took over some years ago which has enhanced his approach to making the final image, always with the aim of producing a print, however.


Andrew became interested in photography at a young age when he was given a camera to record memories of school trips and family events. On returning to Bristol after studying for his degree in 1982, he joined Bristol Photographic Society and enrolled on the basic course. At that time the course focused on black & white film processing and printing. At the end of the course he set up a temporary darkroom in his bedroom and started producing monochrome prints. From these simple beginnings was born his love of monochrome and the printed image. He has been a key member of the Salon team since the early 1990’s where he uses his AV skills to produce the much-respected Salon Show which is shown at a number of venues in the Western Counties region. Andrew became an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society in October 2013 and gained his Fellowship 21⁄2 years later in June 2016. Both awards were for printed panels in the Visual Art category as it was known then, now renamed Fine Art. After gaining his fellowship Andrew decided he would like to share his images and experiences of putting together print panels with a wider audience, his name has therefore been included in the Western Counties section of the PAGB handbook as a lecturer.



Eddy has travelled extensively photographing Wildlife, People and Landscapes. A busy PAGB Judge, he is a Past President of the Western Counties Photographic Federation and remains active on the WCPF Executive and the Judges Panel where he helps mentor and train new judges.
A member of Wiltshire club Nonpareil, his portfolio includes Sport and Audio-Visual in addition to his passion for the Natural World. A lover of prints and contributor to Salons, RPS and PAGB events, he promotes print competitions and exhibitions in the many clubs and other organisations that he visits every year.

His travels with his wife Pam have given Eddy material for the many Talks he gives around the UK and abroad. These include the Antarctic, the Arctic, India, Kenya and Namibia. Adventures to Galapagos, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and the South Seas have also provided Eddy with knowledge of photography from all around the World.



Leo first became interested in photography when a schoolboy and taught himself how to take, process and print films. When colour film became more readily available, he changed to colour slide work – though does still print, occasionally.
He has been a camera club member for 50 years and is currently an Hon. life member of Spectrum (Guernsey) who he represented at the Southern (Counties) Photographic Federation for many years. He has twice been President of that Federation and was their Executive member on the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain where he acted as Secretary to their Awards system. He was President of the PAGB (2013/2015) and, in 2016, was awarded Hon.PAGB for his services to UK club photography.

Leo classes himself as a “jobbing amateur photographer” photographing whatever takes his fancy. In recent years he has shown a special interest in environmental portraiture and natural history subjects, many of which are taken on his Annual visits to India.
He has judged numerous National and International Exhibitions and is also a keen Exhibitor himself with a modicum of success. His “talks” – he hesitates to call them presentations or lectures – are in great demand as they appeal and encourage club members to realise that you do not have to be an expert to produce interesting images.


Leigh has been interested in photography for as long as he can remember. Early encouragement came when he won his first ever competition at the age of 11 on a primary school trip to Bristol Zoo His first proper experiences of photography came as a result of visiting Formula One Grands Prix all over Europe from about 1981 onwards. However, membership of Gwynfa Camera Club followed in the mid-1980s as he sought to widen his subject matter. A love of taking landscapes was born. These days Leigh will have a stab at photographing anything, but landscapes remain his passion. For him the joy of photography is being there, standing at some remote location with a complicated box of Japanese electronics thinking “what can I make of this…?”

In the 30 or so years since joining Gwynfa he has made numerous very good friends from this wonderful hobby. He has also gained some photographic distinctions namely AWPF, EFIAP and DPAGB and particularly enjoys the challenge of such awards. He is planning to try for a few more in the near future.

Around twelve years ago he began judging photography viewing all genres of photography and the skill and imagination of the club photographer never ceases to amaze him.



Dickie has had a lifelong interest in the natural world, with a particular interest in birds, but did not take up photography until 1985. Since then, he has travelled widely abroad, and to many places around the British Isles, in pursuit of photographic opportunities. His images have won awards in a number of international photographic exhibitions. He is currently on the Council of both the Zoological Photographic Club and the Nature Photographers Portfolio. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 2008 and finished a 5-year stint on the RPS Natural History Distinctions Panel in 2017.


Jenny have always been interested in photography from the young age of 11 but has been taking it more seriously since 2007. Jenny enjoys all aspects of photography from sport, landscape and portrait but her real passion is wildlife photography.
Jenny gained her AWPF in 2007 and was the first photographer from The Welsh Photographic Federation to receive the prestigious award of Master of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (MPAGB) in 2010 & EFIAP in 2015; all mainly with Natural History images.

Jenny supplies images for use by the RSPB and gives talks to camera clubs as well as judging. She is a member of Bridgend and District Camera Club and has travelled extensively throughout the world taking images of wildlife within the Arctic Circle, Finland and Japan, as well as going on a Migratory Expedition in Mongolia.


Although she has always enjoyed photography, it was retirement that gave Maureen more time for taking pictures and processing them, initially in a darkroom, and more recently and more enthusiastically, in Photoshop.
Her interests lie in many genres of photography, including colour, mono, creative, nature, travel, people and landscape, and she has won national and international awards in all these areas. Since Judging the exhibition in 2017, she has attained EFIAP Diamond 2, (100 awards + 30 different works in 6 different countries), The first women in the UK to achieve this, she also has the necessary qualifications for Diamond 3, (200 Awards+ 50 different works in 10 different countries).
Also gained FBPE, (British Photographic Exhibition); only about 25 people have achieved this, so she is very pleased to be one of them.

She lives in the New Forest and is a member of both Southampton Camera Club and Ordnance Survey PS. For many years she was print secretary of the Southampton International Exhibition with her husband David. Maureen has enjoyed judging many national and international exhibitions, which she has found to be not only a source of inspiration but a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded and dedicated people.

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