Club Facilities, Structure & Affiliations

In addition to weekly meetings and competitions, the Society provides a number of facilities to its members.


The Clubrooms consist of a studio/lecture room equipped, at present, with display area, display boards, both tungsten and flash lighting, backgrounds, both digital and slide projection equipment, toilet, kitchen and a library. Members can book the studio for private sessions at a cost of £35 per session including the use of lighting, or, at reduced cost without lighting equipment. Use for commercial activities is not permitted. All bookings are to be made through the Clubroom Booking Steward and a deposit has to be paid for the key.


The library currently has about 160 books and is open most Wednesday evenings in the clubrooms.


This is updated regularly and contains information and news about the Society as well as images and advice. The Webmaster welcomes contributions and members can submit articles directly.


The declared objectives of the Society are to promote science and art through photography and in particular:

1) To arrange lectures and demonstrations.

2) To promote and sponsor competitions and exhibitions.

3) To maintain a permanent collection of the outstanding work of its members.


The Bristol Photographic Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee, the maximum liability of each member being limited to £1.00. All members of the Society are members
of the Company and have equal rights at General Meetings. The management of the Society is controlled by members of the Council of Management of the Society who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Council are directors of the company. Full details of the Society’s objectives and powers are given in its Memorandum of Association. The Society is a registered charity and its affairs are governed by its Articles of Association, company law and its rules ( a copy of which is available to all members) .

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